October 2020

German Week 2020 in Maputo - Music & Poetry Workshop 

Financed by CCMA (Centro Cultura Moçambicano-Alemão) 


Music workshop with Mozambican students from the CCMA and UEM german course in Maputo. 18 students wrote poetry in german language, about global solidarity, and recorded them in a funky song, producing a song video and a making of in the process. In COVID19 times, singing about global solidarity is more urgent than ever. The whole workshop production was actually implemented in distanciation conditions, envolving separated teams in Inhambane and Maputo.


The poetry and music workshop was conducted by Lucy Knollmeyer in CCMA, Maputo.

The music was directed by Roland Pickl and produced in Bom Dia Studio, Inhambane.

The voices were recorded in Rádio Moçambique, Maputo.

The song video was produced by Mango Sound. 

The making of Video was produced by Fotofilm.

The images were filmed by Yafole Studio. 


Writers & Singers: 

Samo Elias Gany Cosme

Moisés Sambo

Helder Rófino Matimbe

Aristóteles Lissave

Átila Gaspar da Silva Cézar

Euclidio Rafael Cardo

Nilza Sergio Sitoe

Whitney Cuna

Adelium da Conceição Castelo Amosse



Adelina Ernâni Ambrósio

Gerson Arlindo José

Niquice Xavier Manjate

Dirce da Gloria Lombene

Pedro Osório Mondlane

Joaquim Braiton

Marta Águida Machava

Alfredo Guambe

Celestina Chelly Santos

Arlindo Manjoruane Langa Junior


Roland Pickl - Guitars, Keyboards

Kurt Toncar - Bass

Bernd Bogensberger - Drums

Pierre Dufloo - Saxophone

November 2019

German Week 2019 in Maputo - Music Workshop & Live Concert Recording

Financed by CCMA (Centro Cultura Moçambicano-Alemão) & international partners


Music Workshop with Mozambican students from the CCMA and UEM german course in Maputo. Between 27th and 30th of November, 15 students wrote lyrics aiming at promoting german language learning in Mozambique. They were mentored and recorded by Positivo Mozambique production team, through their mobile studio. The music was produced with the participation of local established musicians Djibra Mussa and Toni Chabuca, in an austrian-like music style. Eventually the song was performed live by the whole group, in front of a mixed mozambican-international audience, in the CCMA garden, Maputo. 


CouldYou? Music Workshop

Financed by CouldYou? Cup (USA). 

Participative music workshop and video-clip production for awareness on the use of menstrual cups for young and adult ladies in Inhambane city. 


1Beat Inhambane

Financed by Embassy of USA

Hélio D.´s offspring of his international appearance at supporting local talents from our area