About Us

Positivo Mozambique is an organization that creates awareness and educates communities through art and culture. In the last 10 years Positivo Mozambique has contributed significantly in increasing the amount of people in the local community to undertake HIV testing, reducing discrimination and increasing knowledge about HIV.  The primary way we implement this is through music, however our other methods also include theater, painting, rádio shows and cinema.


Our methodology uses intervention participation to enable the target group to create solutions and dialogue to social issues encountered locally. Positivo Mozambique helps the target group transmitting their solutions and dialogues through artistic expression and to local audiences. 


Our vision is to dedicate our enthusiasm and passion to work with local communities, to educate and increase awareness about all social issues. 


Positivo Mozambique has gathered great momentum lately, having expanded to Malawi, Spain and Nicaragua, having undertaken workshops in South Africa. 

Actual executive members:

Hélio Vanimal - Director of International Affairs

Daniel Nhamaze - HIV Department 

Hadija Bacar - Secretary

Pierre Dufloo - Treasurer             

Luís Duzenta - Vice President

Roland Pickl - President


Additional Founding Members:

Darren Clark MBE

Helen Smith