November 2019

German Week 2019 in Maputo - Music Workshop & Live Concert Recording

Financed by CCMA (Centro Cultura Moçambicano-Alemão) & international partners


Music Workshop with Mozambican students from the CCMA and UEM german course in Maputo. Between 27th and 30th of November, 15 students wrote lyrics aiming at promoting german language learning in Mozambique. They were mentored and recorded by Positivo Mozambique production team, through their mobile studio. The music was produced with the participation of local established musicians Djibra Mussa and Toni Chabuca, in an austrian-like music style. Eventually the song was performed live by the whole group, in front of a mixed mozambican-international audience, in the CCMA garden, Maputo. 


Bus of Prevention

Financed by Health Focus, GIZ, German Cooperation. 

Health Fairs using multicultural tools like Music, Theater, Cinema, etc. "Healthy Teachers for Quality Education". 

Districts of Maxixe, Homoine, Zavala, Mabote, Massinga, Morrumbene, Inhambane, Jangamo, including Teacher Training Institutes. 


CouldYou? Music Workshop

Financed by CouldYou? Cup (USA). 

Participative music workshop and video-clip production for awareness on the use of menstrual cups for young and adult ladies in Inhambane city. 


Silk Screen Print

Sponsored by Chemosol (Johannesburg, South Africa), Kissel + Wolf GmbH, Ludwig Lockamp oHG, Maschinenbau Bochonow GmbH (Germany)

Self-sustaining project developed by the association, printing and selling shirts to generate internal funds. 


Children's Center Nhassanana

Financed by various partners. 

Children's Center providing quality education

using participative teaching methods and giving access to disadvantaged local kids from Josina Machel and Inhambane


Nousol Music & Movie Workshop

Implemented in partnership with Nousol

 Music workshop in Conguiana Secundary School, Inhambane district. 

Production of a documentary about HIV in Mozambique. 


Peanut Butter in Namuno

Financed by PEPFAR

Implemented in partnership with Ukumi association. 

Community-based peanut butter production unit.

HIV prevention events, Free peanut butter distribution for HIV-patients returning to ARV treatment, GAAC groups promotion. 

Financial and technical support provided by Ariel Foundation to ensure project continuation since 2017 until present.  


HIV Pilot & Campaign "Saber é Viver"

Financed by CCS and CDC


Pilot Music Workshop & Community events developed by Positivo in Maxixe district in 2015. 

Replica at national level by various actors, including Positivo in 6 districts from Inhambane province. 


1Beat Inhambane

Financed by the Embassy of USA.

Project of support to local musical talents of our region.


Positive Schools

Financed by CNCS - Conselho Nacional de Combate ao SIDA

Province of Inhambane


HIV Free Generation

Financed by Education department of South Africa.


Josina Machel Neighbourhood

Financed by Xarxa Solidária